Since Jun 2013

*Thank you so much for leading the Zumba Gold/Chair class last night.  It was SO fun and a great workout!
Everyone really enjoyed themselves. Thank you again so much,   B.

*I think you are great at Zumba Gold, and so glad you reached out to us.  Lots of positive feedback!
C, Activity Director, Knollwood Retirement Home, DC

*I apologize for having missed so many of your Zumba classes.  I love them! S.W.

*Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your Zumba Gold class! S.F.

*The residents are having such a great time in your Zumba class! V.M.

*We felt so lucky to have you leading dances at our party-you were perfect! You had something for all ages, each age-it was just right! and you set such a wonderful atmosphere-thank-you! Warmly,

J & D. (anniversary party)

*Thank you so much for being a great rikudiam/dance teacher-my daughter loved your class!


*It was wonderful to see the kids you were working with get so excited about learning something brand new-you are a terrific teacher and we certainly hope to have you back soon"      S.D Holy Redeemer School

*Thank you for leading the dancing; many people said that they really enjoyed it!  Moed A Jewish Afterschool event

*Our son was was thrilled with the party-thanks so much! R.H. (3 year old B-day party)

*You bring joy and excitement to the lives of so many children every week at Sabra and for that we are grateful. As we watch the Friday performers go through their routines we never cease to be amazed at how much you miraculously accomplish with our campers. Boys, girls, CIT's and even counselors all get into the mix and have no reticence as they mix it up in front of the parents and their peers each week. You have instilled in these children a love of folk dancing and for group performance as well. Some of these children had never had the courage to perform before, and you, in your easy going manner, have given them the confidence and pride to perform. Your dance program added a great deal of "ruach/spirit" to our camp. Who would have imagined that so many campers, especially boys, would be so eager to spend 2 hours a week learning and practicing new dances and then performing them in front of parents and peers on Friday. Only you with your gentle disposition, could make that the great reality that we have had at camp this summer. Amazing! Thanks so much!

C. Parness, Camp Director

*I have to tell you that there were so many people who came up to the staff afterward to say "thank-you" for having you back! Our seniors, whether they are able to join in the dancing or whether they are on the side watching, absolutely love the folk dance that you teach. Your talents certainly shine through whether you are directing or participating or both and I know how much everyone enjoyed themselves. Thank-you, Sharon for providing all of us with a fun, lively and exhilarating afternoon!

C. Fuentevilla/Director Holiday Park

*We want to express our sincere appreciation for leading the dance workshop. You have enriched the teaching of our youngest learners with your thoughtful and informative presentation. The educators in attendance were inspired and came away with a tremendous amount of knowledge.


*You were amazing. Thank you so much! Everyone had a blast. Thank you!

S.G/Birthday Party for 5 year old

*Many thanks, I hear you were great!

New Jewish School /Hanukah whole school event

*I really love Israeli dancing and I hope you're going to be at camp again next year!!!  I love you!  I.B

Licensed To Teach                   

  • Zumba BasicZumba Basic
    License to teach regular Zumba® classes.
  • Zumba GoldZumba Gold
    License to teach specially designed Zumba classes for the active older adult or deconditioned participant.